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What are Medjool Dates?

Dates have been grown and harvested by mankind for many thousands of years. There is documented evidence of dates being eaten as far back as 6000 BC. Of all the different types of dates, one stands out as the king of them all, the Medjool. This was crowned the fruit of kings, and is truly the king of fruits! Due to the size, taste and labour intensive efforts to produce. Originating from the royal orchards of ancient Arabia, it was soley eaten by kings and royalty and served to their honoured guests.

A little known fact that makes these medjool dates that much more special, is the rarity of climate that allows them to grow into such wonderful fruits. There are only a few locations in the world with the correct climate that allow these amazing date palms to grow and produce the perfect date. One of the prime locations that really brings out the best in the medjool date palm, is the special microclimate of the Dead Sea valley, in the Kingdom of Jordan.

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